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We Are Looking For Monmouth & Ocean County Men And Women To Participate In Our 6 Week Fat Loss Project...
The Only 6 Week Transformation Program GUARANTEED To Transform You Into A Healthier, Sexier, Stronger, Happier And More Confident 2.0 Version Of Yourself This Year! 🙌
Starts Monday, January 10th, 2022

Spots Are Limited, SIGN UP NOW!!

If you’re looking for an easy to follow Transformation Program that’s GUARANTEED to help you meet your “Fitness” Resolution goals this 2022 then look no further.

The NEW YOU Project 2.0 is the MOST EFFECTIVE 6 week transformation and weight loss program that we’ve ever created!

To be honest it's been a while since we've done a transformation program like this, and I'll bet you top dollar that you'll most definitely achieve results like you've never had before. 

We will be taking a different approach to weight loss that’s guaranteed to burn stubborn fat FAST, Build a significant amount of lean muscle mass, and deliver groundbreaking results! 

The rapid results will come from a new concept we’ll be implementing called the Partnership Accountability Principle! The concept is simple but effective. By having someone holding you accountable throughout the challenge you're less likely to fall off and more likely to achieve better results. You see, it's easy to let yourself down, however it's difficult to let others down. When you have someone else counting on you it changes EVERYTHING!! The Partner Accountability Principle is a tried, tested, and proven model we've used in the past to get our members amazing results over 6 short weeks.

So essentially, you'll be doing this challenge with a partner of choice (Your bestie, your spouse, your co-worker, a family member, etc). You can partner up with a fellow Eze Fit member, but what we would really like is for you to invite someone who is not an Eze Fit member to partner up with you for this challenge. If you can't find a partner, no worries, we'll get you linked up with someone who is also looking for a partner.  

With this NEW YOU PROJECT 2.0, we've seen people lose up to 36 lbs and 9% body fat in as little as 6 short weeks. Even if you lost half of that and completely transformed into a stronger, healthier, sexier, happier, and more confident 2.0 Version of yourself, wouldn't it be worth it?. 🙌

I promise you this one thing... This will be the last New Year's Resolution weight loss goal you’ll ever need to make again! 😉
 Are you ready to make 2021 your BEST year yet? 
If You Answered YES Then Sign Up To Participate Now...
When it comes to exercise, most people are doing it wrong. They are either doing too much, or not doing enough. In this New You Project you'll be given the exact exercise blueprint for maximum results! You can expect to burn fat fast and build lean, toned muscle mass with this system.  Whether you plan on coming into our gyms, or doing the workouts online, you'll leave each workout feeling happy and accomplished. 
We'll take the guess work out of eating healthy with a nutrition guide that's backed by tons of research and proven to help you lose stored fat, especially in those stubborn areas like the mid section. You will no longer have to stress over what foods you should eat, when you should eat and how much you should eat. With all the tools given, you'll see instant results within the first week, and you'll be able to sustain the results for months, even years after.
This is the key to losing weight and keeping it off for good. In this program we're going to work on setting specific, measurable, and achievable goals. Without this component, you'll never reach your peak physique because what is not declared cannot be achieved! This is a component that's usually overlooked by most programs, but in this New You Project because you'll have our support from start through the very end. 
The best form of accountability is what I call The Partnership Accountability Principle. By having someone holding you accountable throughout the challenge you're less likely to fall off and more likely to achieve better results. You see, it's easy to let yourself down, however it's difficult to let others down. When you have someone else counting on you it changes everything. Besides your partner holding you accountable, you'll also have all your coaches in your corner.

Who This Is For...

The NEW YOU Project 2.0 is NOT for everyone! You have to be willing to show up, do the work and stick to the plan. Below is who this program was designed for...

  • Men and women who have at least 15+ lbs, and 5% body fat to lose
  • ​Those who would like to lose their belly fat and keep it off for good 
  • ​Anyone looking for a proven, effective, easy to follow sustainable diet
  • ​Women looking to reduce cellulite in those unforgiving areas 
  • ​Men and women looking to drop a few pant sizes in 6 weeks 
  • ​Anyone looking to put on a few pounds of toned, sculpted muscles
  • ​Those who are tired of making resolutions and never seeing it through
  • ​Anyone looking to win some serious cash while transforming their physique

To motivate you even further to see this New You Project 2.0 through to the very end, we'll be rewarding you for your results and transformation.


STEP 1: Sign up for the challenge by clicking on the blue sign up Button. 

STEP 2: Once you're in, you and your partner will need to register your team. Or you can register as a free agent to be placed with a partner.

STEP 3: Weigh in at your home gym to get your body fat percent, and submit your before pic if you would like to be entered into the "Best Transformation" challenge as well. 

STEP 4: Then you both then kick ass in the challenge for 6 weeks and try to lose as much body fat% as you possibly can, all while transforming into the best version of YOU! But remember to have fun in the process. 😃

HOW TO WIN: Once you complete the challenge we'll do a combined bodyfat percent loss of you and your partner. The top 5 partnership with the most bodyfat % loss will be awarded accordingly. Also, if you happen to be the person (male or female) with the best transformation, you'll get $500 cash. Can you imagine if you and your spouse (or bestie) win the grand prize in this challenge, how awesome would that be? 😃 Make sure you sign them up as your partner for challenge as well. 

  • 1st Place Team: $3,000 CASH
  • 2nd Place Team: $1,000 CASH
  • 3rd Place Team: $600 CASH
  • 4th Place Team: $400 CASH
  • 5th Place Team: $200 CASH
  • Best Male & Female Transformation: Will receive $500 cash to be used towards a little black dress (or Tux for guys), accessories, or makeover for the Ezeys. 
Real Men and Women. Real Results. In Just 6 Weeks. Really!
 Check out some of our previous challenge participants... You too can achieve amazing results like these! 
Tommy L.
Kristin J.
Kristi C.
Amanda S.
Sam M.
Joe T.
Dan S.
Sandy S.
Donna D.
The NEW YOU Project All Access

For people (with no active Eze Fit membership) looking to have access to our 3 Eze Fit gyms, and also have to option to train from home when convenient with Eze Fit Online. 

$297 $197

 This $100 action discount expires soon! The price will go back up to $297 on Thursday, January 6th.
NEW YOU Project Online Only

For those (with no active Eze Fit membership) only looking train from the comfort of their home with our Eze Fit Online live ZOOM classes and on-demand workouts. 

$197 $97

 This $100 action discount expires soon! The price will go back up to $197 on Thursday, January 6th.
*The Action Taker Discount Ends Once The NYE Ball Drops At Midnight...
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NEW YOU Project For Eze Fit Members

For active Eze Fit Members (Both in Gym, and Online) 

This rate is for active Eze Fit members ONLY, and excludes 6 Week Jump Start memberships, 1 month only memberships, punch card memberships, 30 Day Results In Advance promo, and any other promos.


Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our 2022 New You Project has been designed and tested to help you achieve the results you desire - faster and easier than ever imagined. Our reputation for being the last stop for transformation success is therefore backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Absolutely love your results at the end of your NEW YOU Project or you don't pay a dime. The only thing you have to lose is the fat!


What makes your program and gym different?

At Eze Fit we specialize in Group Personal Training (GPT). Unlike Bootcamps or CrossFits, we are the only fitness studio that does Personal Training, in a group setting. This means that we take your goals, limitations, and fitness level into consideration when we train you. You can expect exercise modifications when needed, and exercise progression when necessary to help your results with each workout. 

What kind of results can I expect?

You can expect to become stronger, more fit and toned while dropping inches and pounds. On average you'll drop 2-6 pounds per week, and 1-3 pant sizes and 2-7% body fat at the end of the challenge. This proven program uses a combination of Weight Training, HIIT, and Boxing to torch body fat, sculpt the entire body, and build a lean, sexy, toned physique.

What if I am not physically fit?

Eze Fit welcomes women and men of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. Because of our GPT model, each exercise is designed with a progression and regression phase, so whether you are a reluctant newbie or an ambitious "gym rat", Eze Fit will help you accomplish your desired goals.

Okay, I'm getting excited! How often can I attend?

The classes run six days week, Monday - Saturday, and since they are held indoors, the weather is never an issue. We suggest that you attend at least three days a week, but you are more than welcome to come kick ass everyday!

I'm excited to start, what do I need to bring?

Nothing! Just showing up for class with a "KICK ASS" attitude is what you need to bring to the table. We'll provide all the equipment, accountability, and motivation you'll need. Just bring a bottle of water, a towel, and come ready to BRING IT! Oh, and make sure NOT to come on an empty stomach. We don't want you getting faint during your workout!


And YES, you'll gain access to all three, plus our online platform.

What Are You Waiting For? Let's Get Started!

Finally, The Last New Year's Fitness Resolution You’ll EVER Have To Make!

NEW YOU Project All Access


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