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We Are Recruiting Highly Motivated Men & Women Who Would Like To Become Trainers! 
Eze Fit Trainer Search...
Are you someone who's passionate about fitness, and looking for an opportunity to get into the fitness industry?
At Eze Fitness we create that opportunity with our Eze Fit Paid Apprenticeship Program.
We take highly motivated men and women with little to no experience in the fitness industry, and transform them into highly sort after fitness coaches.

Yes, you heard that right. No certification required, no experience required, just a love and passion for fitness and helping people. Also, you'll be paid up to $1,400/month during the apprenticeship. 
So are you ready to finally cash in on your passion?

During your 60 day apprenticeship you'll be mentored by the founder and owner of Eze Fitness, Jemand Ezeonwuka, and his business partner Jon Lazo. 

If you complete the apprenticeship and we see that you have what it takes to be a coach here at Eze Fit, we'll get you certified, and recruit you to join our team.

At Eze Fit we provide growth, fulfillment, an opportunity to CREATE your own niche programs for our clients, and a platform for you to make a huge impact in the community, and in the fitness industry!

Our goal is to help our coaches achieve massive success where they work less hrs than the typical a 9-5, make more money, and have the freedom to enjoy it all! 

Positions Available: 
Part-time/Full-time Coach at all 3 of our Eze Fit locations (Neptune, Brick, &Howell)

Part-time/Full-time Coach for our Eze Fit Online Virtual Training Program.

Your Pay As A Coach: 
It comes down to your experience, expertise and hustle game. 
$15-$30/hr: Group Classes
$20-$25/hr: Virtual Classes 
$35-$90/hr: 1-on-1 Training & semi-private training
65% of Profits: When we help you create your own unique program within Eze Fit.
What Is Eze Fit, and Why Should You Get Involved? 
To understand Eze Fit you first have to understand Our Mission...
We created Eze Fit to be that 3rd place in our client's day! 

They have their home, their job... and then they have Eze Fit! 

Our promise is to always go above and beyond to make sure that they’re having the best experience possible when they’re here. 

From the attention, appreciation and affection we show them every time they walk through our doors, to the positive energy they’re surrounded by every time they're here; we’re going to make this 3rd place in their day the best place in their day! 
Our clients come to us from all walks of life because they are looking to transform their lives. However, it's impossible for them to transform if they aren't motivated. 

The thing about motivation is that it is intrinsic, very finite, and will eventually fizzle out... like a battery losing it's charge. 
There needs to be a constant spark of INSPIRATION!  
That spark of inspiration is what empowers our clients to get up every day and take ACTION on their goals. 

Those daily actions create a forward momentum called MOTIVATION! 

From being consistently motivated, our clients will inevitably achieve the physical, mental and emotional TRANSFORMATION that they seek. 

At Eze Fit we are that constant spark or INSPIRATION!

We create that FORWARD MOMENTUM!

We keep our client's MOTIVATION batteries charged so that they're consistently hitting their goals!

Coaches who understand and believe in the mission become obsessed with what they do here. 

To them It's not a job, IT'S A CALLING!
Who I'm Looking For...
Jemand Ezeonwuka 
CEO, Founder, Eze Fit
Those who live by the H.E.A.T Principle are those who're are perfect for this apprenticeship and for Eze Fit.

Hustle: We need people who are go-getters and always willing to work hard.

Ethical: You have to be a good person to the core, and have a great moral compass.

Attitude: You gotta be optimistic and have a positive attitude. NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED!

Teachable: You can never know too much. Must be willing to learn in order to perfect your craft.


AKA: The Flash

Haf is my 2nd in command in Eze Fit and he runs our Brick Transformation Center. Since Joining Eze Fit 9 years ago Haf has gone on to fight and retire from professional boxer, winning the WBF title in the process. During that time he also created the Dawg Pound Boxing Academy within Eze Fit to train would be fighters. Since retiring from boxing he is s now the Managing Director of Eze FIt.


AKA: Iron Man

Jon was once a top tier trainer at Retro Fitness. Once he saw there was no room for growth there, he sort me out as a mentor to teach him the business side of fitness. He believed in the mission & vision from day one, and hustled his way to the top of the company. Now He's a partner in owning Eze Fit Howell, Eze Online LLC, and our new Eze Fit Studios.


AKA: Wonder Woman

Sharye is a top level Figure Competitor who we recruited for her passion for fitness and her expertise. She is now revered as a top transformation coach in the industry. She's the Manager at our Neptune gym. Also, her Empowered Nutrition Coaching is responsible for a lot of transformations you see at Eze Fit.


AKA: Black Panther

Rashon is a Former Retro Manager who joined Eze Fit because he was tired of the BS at big box gyms! When he learned of the opportunities he would have here, he quickly  bailed on Rertro. Now he's killing it as our top Sales Manager, all while running his Elite Strikes Kickboxing Program within Eze. He has a dream to one day open he's own Eze Fit Transformation Center.


AKA: Black Widow

This gem was wasting away at the Atlantic Club, until we met her at Fresh Kitchen while we were doing one of our Slacker Hunts. Alix is now living her dream. She get's to design unique programs (like her Ab Builder 2.0) for our clients all while running our Eze Fit Online department. She's the queen of ZOOM!


AKA: Superman

Jordan practically gave up a life in Arizona to join our team. In the short time that he's been on our team he's grown exponentially. Even as the baby on our team this dude the mindset of a strong leader. He's also a fitness competitor who's passionate about muscle sculpting and toning. I can't wait till we launch his Body Pump business at our New Eze Fit Studio.


AKA: Tha Wasp

I followed this Superstar on Instagram before recruiting her from Jersey Strong. I saw so much potential in Dani with all the amazing content she would consistently put up on IG. Once I showed her the platform she would have to reach a wider audience here at Eze Fit, she immediately put in her two week notice at Jersey Strong and joined our team. Not only is she one of out top online coaches, she's also our Active Isolated Stretch Specialist. 


AKA: Captain America

Ken is a former Beach Body Coach turned State Trooper, turned Eze Fit Master Coach. Eze Fit is Ken's retirement plan once he's done with being a trooper in a few years. When that time comes he'll most likely be managing our Howell Transformation Center, Since he's been here he's ran Self defense classes as well as motivational seminars. 


AKA: Wolverine

Jason pretty much did a 180 after losing his 9-5 job due to COVID. Since he always had a passion for fitness he decided to pursued his NASM certification. Once he obtained it, he reached out to me and said that he would only work for the best gym in NJ and that Eze Fit was that gym. Now we're building his following and working to create a Cardio Jump Rope training program around his passion. 


AKA: Your Superhero Alias

And then there's you... What would your story be? What are your dreams and aspirations? What unique programs do you want to bring to the world? Where ever you are right now, do you feel fulfilled, happy, and successful doing what you’re doing? If the answer is no, then it's time to answer the calling. Don't waste away being mediocre and playing small... JOIN OUR TEAM AND ACHIEVE THE GREATNESS YOU WERE DESTINED FOR! 

From Low Level Big-Box-Gym Trainer, to Entrepreneurial Gym Owner

Jon lazo started out as a low level Personal Trainer at a Retro Fitness. After doing 3 years of hard time and climbing the ladder there, he came to the realization that he was at a dead end job.
In his search for growth and opportunities, he found Jemand and Eze Fit. Within months he realized his true potential and began to grow exponentially.
He Began Living His Dream!
Created the cash flow required to not just buy and pimp out his dream ride, but to live his ideal lifestyle.
Had the funds and freedom to travel the world and experience life in places he only saw in magazines.
Acquired the mentoring needed to become a highly sought after fitness legend and social media influencer.
Became A Gym Owner!
Because he believed in the vision, and was ALL IN with the mission, he partnered up to open his very own Eze Fit Transformation Center in Ramtown Howell.
Now he gets to further our mission of Inspiring, Motivating, and Transforming Lives, all while fulfilling his dream of being an Fitness Business Entrepreneur! 
Not Everyone Can Be A "Former-Retro-Trainer-Turned-Gym-Owner" Like Jon Lazo...
However if You Would Like To, Or If You're Just Simply Looking For Growth, Opportunity, Freedom, And A Platform To Make Impact In The Fitness Industry,
Then it's time to answer the CALLING and join us on our mission to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and TRANSFORM the lives of 100,000 men & women, all while creating a dream career for yourself.