If You Hate Burpees, BUT LOVE BABIES, Then this Fundraiser is for you!
We’re inviting you to join us on our 1st Annual “Burpees For Babies" fundraising event for Michael's Feat! With your help we could make a huge difference in helping Michael’s Feat on their mission to support Monmouth and Ocean County families carrying and caring for seriously ill newborns. ❤️🙏


 It will be held on Sunday, October 11th, at 10:30am. The Location will be at Pine Grove Day Camp in Wall.
We will also be doing a virtual fundraising round leading up to the main event for those who can’t make it to the outdoor event. It’ll be on Friday October 9th, at 5pm, on Zoom. 
Objective For The Outdoor Event
You can register with your friends and create a teams of 4. Each team has to raise $40 to participate in the challenge (So You Just Donate $10/person). If you don't have a team you can register as a free agent with your $10 donation and we will add them to a team. Each team will have 10 min to complete 200 burpees. Each person on the team will take turn doing burpees while a coach is counting it out. Burpees can be modified for those who need. Also, the number of burpees can be split any way. So the most fit person can opt to do a lot more, and the least fit person can do less. As long as 200 burpees are completed with in the given timeframe, the team WINS!! Once the team wins, we (Eze Fit) will match their $40 entry donation with $40 of our own, creating a total of $80 
Objective For The Virtual Event
We’ll be of doing a virtual fundraising round leading up to the main event, for those who can’t make it to the outdoor fundraiser that Sunday. It’ll be on Friday October 9th, at 5pm, on Zoom (link will be emailed out). This will be individual based, not team. The goal is to do as many burpees as you can in a 5 min window. For your burpees, you can use any modifications you need to get it done. To participate you just donate what you can ($1, $10, $1,000...) . For every 5th person who participates, Eze Fit will donate an additional $10 to the cause! So make sure you share this with everyone you know to get as much people involved. 😃
About Michael’s Feat
"We provide comfort and support for families carrying and caring for seriously ill newborns."
Michael's Feat offers families in need direct financial support, overnight bags filled with supplies for hospital stays, furniture and medical equipment, meals, gas cards and, when necessary, respite care and bereavement support.

For the last 20 years, they have helped thousands of local families. The tremendous support of their generous donors allows them to continue carrying out their mission.

Their founders, board members and volunteers have experienced the trauma of the NICU and the devastation of losing a child.  They serve as a support system for families during their time of need as well as for many years to come.
So Are You Ready To Help Up make A Difference?

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